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We are the premier earthworks & concrete construction company in
SA through consistent quality of product & service.

The measure of all others.

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About Us / Our History

Theo Agelis Constructions is more than just a company, it is a story of dedication and commitment to hard work and endurance from not only Theo but his family. Theo Agelis started the company almost 35 years ago as a single operator primarily concentrating on residential concrete footings or foundations as most referred to them back then. With his wife Heather supporting him in the administraion of the business. he carried on all aspects of the business from a “home office”. Many long hours were spent building a base for what has become a significant business, employing over 50¬†staff plus many more contractors.

The company reflects the values ethics and culture of Theo himself. Although it has transitioned through generational and industry change, it has maintained the focus of valuing the people who work for it and the long-standing suppliers they deal with.

It now comprises a fleet of trucks, excavators, Bobcats and other specialist equipment enabling the company to offer a diverse range of services which complement the concreting business from which it grew.