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Services / Concrete Works

Concreting was the core business from which Theo Agelis Constructions has grown over the last 35 years and it is an integral part of our business today. We have the machinery and the know-how to get your project done right! Poor quality concreting (especially concrete slabs & footings) has significant impact on the integrity and performance of all aspects of your building. Don’t let that be your house…always get your concreting done by the best in the business!

Concrete Slabs – Supply & Install

Due to our volume of business you will find that we are extremely competitive on the supply of materials. Most would not be able to purchase at our rates. Allow us to provide a quote to you for a full supply and install job. You should be suitbaly impressed.

What our customers love about us is that we provide all materials and labour to complete the footings stage. We can coordinate everything from the site cut to the concrete slab pour and even placing rubble around the finished product cutting down on your Supervision cost and involvement. Let us coordinate all communication & supervision of the plumber, electrician, pest control, council, engineers, site toilet provider etc.

Benefits to you:

  • We deliver a completed slab with a clean site ready for the next trades to start.
  • Minimal management from builder or owner
  • Savings on contruction supervision costs
  • Convenient payment option –  the full slab progress payment can be made in one transaction

Concrete Driveways, Patios, Verandahs & Sheds

Extra concreting around the perimeter of your house can really add to the feel, finish and value of your home. This can include concrete driveways, patios, verandahs & sheds. We can supply and install a variety of finishes including coloured concrete and exposed aggregate concrete to achieve the look you’re after. Our quality control methods will ensure that it looks great!

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